M.Sc. Tanja van Alphen


General Information:

University of Rostock
Department of Piston Machinery and Combustion Engines 
Seminargebäude, Room 122, Stelzengang

Tel: +49 (0) 381 498 -9040 / -9428

E-Mail:  tanja.alphenuni-rostockde




Skills and Responsibilities:

  • Analysis of fuels and lubricants in the fuel and oil laboratory
Academic CV

Academic CV

Since 2023 wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiterin / research assistant in the Department of Pistonmachinery and Internal Combustion Engines
2021 – 2022 wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin/ research assistant in the Department of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
2015-2021 Studied Chemistry at the University of Rostock
2020 Trained as a Research Diver at the University of Rostock
2012-2015 Trained as a chemical laboratory assistant in Berlin
2012 Abitur / A - Levels


  • Analysis and testing of tailor-made lubricants for use with hydrogen